Who is Bird Brain?

Ryan Ling CEO & President

The brains behind Bird Brain, Ryan started Bird Brian to create distinct content and a workplace people love. He’s proud to have achieved that, as Bird Brain has become one of the premiere comedy-focused production companies in NYC. Prior to launching his company, Ryan’s focus was on doc & reality tv, and was nominated for an Emmy award for his work on mtvU’s Quiet Campus. He also worked with Hulk Hogan, who gave him his wrestling name: Flyin’ Ryan.

Naomi Steinberg Head of Development

Naomi brings over 25 years of tv experience to Bird Brian as Head of Development. She’s worked for networks and prod co’s and has done pretty much everything from development to talent relations, to showrunning: all with a focus on comedy. Now, she brings the best creators through our doors and from there, she’ll either flush their ideas out, or down the toilet...

Katie Schwartz Head of Production

Katie holds it down as the brawn behind Bird Brain. Before joining the Bird Brain team, Katie was line producer for some of MTV’s bigger productions. Now she keeps Bird Brain on time and under budget, and yes, she is the proverbial spirit animal of Bird Brain.

Jill Gordon Head of Finance

Jill oversees all things financial at Bird Brain. She’s worked with some of the biggest companies in NYC and is a pro at scaling and setting up the appropriate infrastructure to keep things organized. I tried to come up with a joke for Jill’s bio but really...there’s nothing funny about money.

Grubman Shire Business Council

From the start, Robert Strent and David Ashley have provided business and legal counsel for Bird Brain on all production matters. If we’re exposed? It’s likely just a wardrobe malfunction.

CAA Agency

CAA has been representing Bird Brain for over 3 years, with Matt Chazen and David Gross as our main points of contact.